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Your Best Birth

  • My goal is for every woman to achieve her best birth. Choose the option that works for you!

  • I am flexible and will provide caring support throughout your process. 

  • Feel free to contact me to discuss payment plans & pricing that fits your budget.

  • The first visit is 40' long, & free of charge (Colorado Springs area). I would love to meet you and hear about your hopes and aspirations! 


Option 1

  • 2 prenatal visits

  • your entire birth

  • 2 postnatal visits

Price: $800

This is a great option for first time mothers as well as moms liking extra postnatal support with breastfeeding

babywearing. Also good for women concerned about postpartum depression, or who don't anticipate having much help after birth.

Option 2

  • 3 prenatal visits

  • your entire birth

  • 1 postnatal visit

Price: $800

This one is great for moms who have had previous difficult experiences of birth, for survivors giving birth, VBACs, and other special circumstances which benefit from extra preparation. Also great for single and military moms.

Option 3

  • 1 prenatal visit

  • your entire birth

  • 1 postnatal visit

Price: $700

This option is great for women who have already given birth a couple/few times and bring positive experiences forward to their upcoming birth. 

Other Options

  • You can add a prenatal or postnatal visit for an additional $40

  • If you have other requests such as planning a blessingway, meal train, postpartum party, etc. I'd love to discuss.

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