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Kathryn Los Tekosis 
Birth & Postpartum
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Paramana Doula

About Me

Growing up as the second oldest in a large family, I've always been around babies. I learned how to mother little ones in an organic way: observing and responding to babies' cues, within a general atmosphere of respecting and honoring their needs. 

I became a mother at 21 and went on to have six children. Each has their own unique journey and personality and I am delighted to be their mother. My own births ranged from high-intervention hospital birth, to freebirth at home. My fourth child was born breech in our bath tub! I've also experienced four miscarriages, ranging from ectopic emergency, to quietly letting go at home. I have breastfed all my children through toddlerhood, and loved co-sleeping and babywearing them as long as they needed it.

I trained to be a Doula in 2002 in London, UK. I became a La Leche League Leader in 2005 in Oxford, UK. In 2007 I trained with Penny Simkin on how to support sexual abuse survivors during their childbearing years. I have attended workshops on VBAC, Postpartum Depression, and Peaceful Parenting. I am an advocate for genital integrity. 

So far I have had the honor of attending 37 births, including peaceful homebirths, triumphant VBACs, friendly birth center births, gentle cesarian births, and emergency transfers. 


My goal as your birth companion is for you to feel safe, informed, and empowered by your birth experience. I believe birth is a rite of passage through which we are born as parents. 

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Before your birth we'll meet twice at a convenient location

to get acquainted and discuss your birth wishes.

There's a range of support I can offer during this time, depending on your circumstances and preferences.

I am flexible and will tailor our prenatal visits to your needs.


I will support you for the entire duration of your birth.

During the last days before labor begins, we will be in close touch. As labor begins I will join you when you'd like me to.

As your birth unfolds,

I will offer a range of comfort measures according to

your wants and needs. 

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After your birth we'll meet twice. I will bring you

a home cooked meal

and offer you encouragement, debriefing of your birth experience, breastfeeding support, safe sleep & babywearing help. 



"The dedication and care

you showed me were so wonderful.

You intuitively knew what I needed.

You trusted me to be able to birth my baby - I trusted your trust in me.

Eva Paoli

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